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Why with Us


We might not be the biggest online consigner; however, we believe that this works to your advantage.  Your item will not be buried under several hundred other item listings.  Our size also allows us to utilize unique and very effective marketing techniques.  Also, in contrast to the majority of your local consignment shops, we have a strong nationwide advertising campaign and following.


We strive to sell your item quickly while getting appropriate market value from the item.  To accomplish this, we have several different methods to ensure that your item is sold in a timely manner.  We sell approximately half of our listed items in the first week of listing the item.  In case your item does not sell in the first month, we offer a 30 DAY CONSIGNMENT GUARANTEE!  If your item does not sell within 30 days of you accepting our consignment offer, we will purchase your item for the agreed upon price and consignment split!

We offer some of the best consignment splits in the market which get even better if you decide to apply your proceeds to your next purchase with us.  We cover all transaction fees, marketing cost, and shipping fees.  If your item is purchased from us then returned, you get to keep your proceeds.

Shoppers feel confident buying from us because they know our items are guaranteed 100% authentic.  They are also attracted by our customized professional product presentations.

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